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Looking for Middle Eastern food near me? Middle Eastern cuisines incorporates Iranian, Assyrian, Arab, Armenian, Cypriot, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Iranian, Kurdish and Israeli. Typical Ingredients in Middle Eastern food include olive oil, pitas, olives, sesame seeds, honey, sumac, chickpeas, dates, rice, mint and parsley. Some of the most popular Middle Eastern dishes on Speed Food include dolma, falafel, kebabs, yoghurt, shawarma, doner kebab and mulukhiyah. Barbecued meats (kebabs) are well known in Australia. The most famous is cubed sheep on sticks (shish kebab), and chicken that may likewise be grilled in a similar manner. Another broad assortment is kofta kebab, produced using ground meat blended in with onions and flavors, formed around the stick like a hotdog and barbecued. Kebabs are ordinarily street (or eatery) food, presented with bread, plate of mixed greens and pickles, and are not normally set up at home. Get fantastic discounts on your favourite cuisine on Speed Food and receive exciting cash backs and reward points when you pay with i-Pay. Speed Food – your destination for food delivery and takeaway. Speed Food serves with the finest to all the customers.

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