About Speedfood

Speed Food is an Australian online takeaway and food delivery platform that opens doors to restaurants from your very own home or office. No matter where you are, enjoy a delicious meal with a click of the Order Online button. Speed Food has partnered with over 1000 + Restaurants all over Victoria. We started our operations on November 2017 and since then has served over 100,000 orders.

We will be expanding our platform to over 100 cities in Australia by 2020.

What is Speedfood?

Speed Food works closely with restaurants to take the restaurant-customer relationship onto the next level. With an easy to navigate platform, discounts, promotions and special offers happening every day, you can bet on your taste buds being rewarded!

speedfood.com.au is the gateway to and for restaurants to enhance their brand and menu visibility to hungry patrons. It showcases and offers a substantial variety of Australia’s own quintessential cuisines as well as other multicultural prowess.