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1. What should i do if my order is Rejected ?

We do understand the irritation we feel when we are craving and order is rejected. We will do more then apoloqizing and will raise this issue with the restaurant to make sure stern action is taken and you dont have to go through this again in future. We would suggest you to place a new order from some place else. As a token of apology we will surely gift you with some credits in your speed food account ;) The payment will be reversed through the payment gateway, It might take between 5-7 business days for the amount to reflect in your account.


2. What should i do if i haven't received any order confirmation?

Order confirmation sometimes take 4-5mins due to technical issues but it could be also because we don’t have your correct contact number. On any case please get in touch with us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/speedfood.com.au/ so that we can fix up the mistake.


3. How do I know if my order has been confirmed?

You’ll get an sms saying that your order has been confirmed. If the restaurant is currently closed and you placed an order for later, you’ll get an SMS once the restaurant opens.


4. Can i change my order ones i have received confirmation SMS?

Quick, contact restaurant and see how they can help before they start making your food.


5. Can i change my order If i have not receive any confirmation SMS?

Give the restaurant a quick call to see if they can help out before they start making your food. Still need help? Drop us a message on our facebook page.


6. Received confirmation sms but order has not arrived, what can I do?

It could simply because the restaurant is super busy and hasn’t quite got to accepting your order yet. Double check that we have the right phone number (so that someone else isn’t getting your confirmations texts) and then get in touch on facebook or support@speedfood.com.au. if we’ve got the wrong number or you need any more help.


7. What should i do if the quality of food is not good?

Quick, contact restaurant and see how they can fix up the mistake. Or get in touch with us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/speedfood.com.au/ or write us at support@speedfood.com.au


8. What should I do if the food received is not what I requested?

Quick, double check the order details on the email received. If there is a difference between what’s on the email and what you received, please call the restaurant straight away to let them know. Of course, we are also always happy to help you out if you’re not able to resolve this directly with the restaurant, get in touch with us on facebook or write us at support@speedfood.com.au


9. What should i do if i want to cancel my order?

We can cancel an order if the restaurant hasn’t started cooking it yet. Contact us, If the restaurant has started to cook your food there is a small chance we might still be in a position to offer you a refund or credit, so best to call us and know the status.


10. I have an allergy, how do I let the restaurant know?

If you have an allergy or food intolerance that could harm your health, please contact the restaurant directly before placing your order.



1. What is Speed Food?

Speed Food is an online food ordering platform for pickup and take-away from your favorite restaurants.


2. How does Speed Food work?

Jump online to our website and put in your postcode choose the suburb< Select your favourite restaurant < Choose whether to Pick-up or Deliver < Place Order < Make Payment < Receive order details on your email id < In couple of seconds you will also receive order confirmation via SMS.


3. How much is the minimum order?

Minimum orders are dependent on each restaurant.


4. How much are the delivery fees?

Restaurants are in charge of creating their own delivery fees.


5. My voucher or promo code is not working.

Please check that the code is not expired and contact Speed Food on facebook or write us on support@speedfood.com.au


6. What is $1 Special offer?

$1 Special serve you an item at just $1. T&C: minimum order to be fulfilled and you can add $1 item in cart only ones per order as we want other customers as well to avail benefil of the offer.



1. Do I have to register to use Speed Food?

Yes, Speed Food requires that all customers create their own account. So that we can make our customer happy with loyalty points and avail benefit on every order.


2. How are you protecting my personal details?

Speed Food do not share personal details to any third party. You can read all about these measures in our privacy policy. We don’t store your credit card details but you can see it. Restaurants are just provided with your name, address and phone number, just to make the delivery easier.


3. How do I unsubscribe or delete my account?

We will surely not like to miss you ! But if you need to, just log in to your account and under My account details, select ‘unsubscribe’.


4. I can’t log into my Speed Food account. What can I do?

Please reset your password by clicking on login option < Forgot password.


5. What payments does Speed Food accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express Debit or Credit Cards and payments via PayPal.
Paying cash directly for pickup and delivery is accepted by restaurants. Keep your cash ready to pay it to driver when your food arrives.


6. What if my payment is declined?

Your order will not be processed due to insufficient funds within your account. Try out some other mode of payment.



I am a restaurant. How do I join?

Thanks for your interest in Speed Food! You can sign up here: https://speedfood.com.au/JoinNowR or you can give us a call on 1300 77 33 33 and we can help you out!

For any enquiries from restaurants, Please email Partner Support at restaurant@speedfood.com.au or call 1300 77 33 33

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