General questions
Modern electric bicycles are powered by a lithium long-life battery that runs an electric motor attached to either the wheel (hub motor) or the cranks (center drive/crank motor.) Depending on the bike, you engage the motor by using a throttle on the handlebar (similar to a motorcycle throttle) or simply by pedalling. You have full control of how much or little power assistance you receive.
Absolutely! Electric bikes are as safe to ride as a regular bike. When you need to stop or slow down, all you need do is apply the brakes and release the hand throttle or stop pedalling to cut the power. All speedfood Electric Bicycles bikes are built to the highest quality and meet Australian Standards and regulations.
Currently we are doing summer promotion so we are giving it for $10/Day.If you are a partner restaurant with our platform we are giving it for a month free if you are renting it for three months.
Yes you can rent the E-BIKES weekly, monthly, or yearly. We will give you an offer to buy it outright if you are using it for more than an year.
No. There can be a substantial difference in electric bikes and comparing them can be a bit like comparing a luxury European car with a basic car made in China. We only sell quality electric bikes and comparing them with some electric bikes (particularly many of the electric bikes available online) is like comparing chalk and cheese.
Yes. We service any electric bicycle that we sell in our state of the art workshop.
No additional special equipment is needed to ride the E-bike.You need to wear a bike helmet and follow the normal road rules.
No it wouldn't cover intentional faults caused by the restaurant.
It depends on a number of factors, such as battery size, the weight of the rider, the terrain (hills), winds and the amount of assistance you choose. However, most riders will be able to travel at least 30 kilometres with full power assistance; you may achieve up to 90+ kilometres with less power assistance. Larger capacity batteries are also available for most brands of bikes we sell.
No, as the rider is employed by the restaurant, it is the responsibility of the restaurant to guarantee their wellbeing and safety according to Work Health & Safety laws.
Yes 1 charger per bike is included,It takes around 4-5 hours,but it is best to charge it after each use.
It runs 15-20 km per hour how ever it will depend on the weight of the rider , the weight of the order & the conditions of the roads.
Yes it will charger replacement fees will cost $.
Yes the helmet and food boxes are included in the rental fee. Incase If you want to buy them kindly check speedfood merchandise.
Yes we do have foodboxes which can hold the temperature of the food for delivering both hot and cold food items.
The helmet sizes are adjustable with the inside strap, also you can buy more food boxes from the Speed Food Merchandise website.
The bikes are owned by Speed Food & is an imported vehicle which has got permissions to ride on victorian roads.
Replacement charges are applicable where you will need to pay for the battery for which the price varies if you are under repair cover. The general price of battery is $160 and we recommend it to be changed by certified technician.
The general battery life of the bikes should run for around 2 years. It may vary upon the charging habits.
It should work good for 2 years of time. It also depends upon the charging habits of the rider. If it doesn't remain the same quality, we could provide the new one. It could be used for the people who want to rent occasionally.
Yes and it cost extra fees as the repair cover doesn't cover it.
Restaurants will be charged according to distance for delivery of the E-Bikes, alternatively, a representative may come to pick up the bike charges are applicable.
Our Repair Cover policy covers 1 repairs monthly, in this instance Speed Food is able to go to the restaurant, extra charges apply.
It depends whether they've had their 1 repairs per month or not, Speed Food will cover repair and field services.
E-bike can be charged in the bike / motorcycle parking. We recommend to lock the bike & to make it secure.