Speed Food




What is Speed Food?

Speed Food is an online food ordering platform for pickup and take-away from your favorite restaurants.


When is Speed Food available?
Speed Food is always ready to take your orders. If the restaurant is not yet open, we can take pre-orders for you.


How does Speed Food work?

Jump online to our website and put in your postcode

Click on a Restaurant

Place your Order

Choose whether to Pick-up or Deliver

Receive confirmation via SMS


Do I have to register to use Speed Food?

Yes, Speed Food requires that all customers create their own account.



How much is the minimum order?

Minimum orders are dependent on each restaurant



What payments does Speed Food accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express Debit or Credit Cards and payments via PayPal

Paying cash directly for pickup and delivery is accepted by restaurants. Please make sure that all payment details have been entered correctly, enough funds are available in your account and your credit card is not expired.


How much are the delivery fees?

Restaurants are in charge of creating their own delivery fees

My voucher or promo code is not working.
Please check that the code is not expired and contact Speed Food on 1300 77 33 33

I am being refunded for my order. How long is it going to take?

Online payment refunds can take 1-3 business working days to process. Please call 1300 77 33 33 or email info@speedfood.com.au if you have not received your payments.

What if my payment is declined?

Your order will not be processed due to insufficient funds within your account.

I can’t log into my Speed Food account. What can I do?
Did you forget your password? Click on the button in log in
Otherwise please email us at info@speedfood.com.au  or call us on 1300 77 33 33

How do I delete my account or unsubscribe?

Please go to your profile and tick the Unsubscribe button.



I am a restaurant. How do I join?

Thanks for your interest in Speed Food! You can sign up here: https://speedfood.com.au/JoinNowR or you can give us a call on 1300 77 33 33 and we can help you out!

For any enquiries from restaurants, Please email Partner Support at restaurant@speedfood.com.au or call 1300 77 33 33